Saturday, September 05, 2009

my hols have officially started.
yipppeee! (:
one of the longest ever since my A levels ended.

after one week of clinicals at TTSH.
amazing amazing time.
i realized this is what i've always wanted to do.
everything that i ever wanted.
my favourites subjects (okay except physics),
plus almost doing what doctors do: helping patients
(okay they diagnose, we do the therapy and rehab)
we get to have our own stethoscopes!
hahaha (:
one that you'll never get tired of doing,
since you meet different people and cases.

really a big thank you to my Father above,
for really knowing me inside out,
and for just being with me through the clinicals.
no falls, no big screwups, no broken bones or torn muscles.

Cheryl's gonna be crazy busy.
except the busyness as not much stress to do with it,
thankfully (:

have set a few goals.
few things for myself to go out for (:

Thank God for His faithfulness,
and grace towards me.
Really, truly.
Indeed He is good.
His love endures forever (:

busyweeks ahead! =D

written at 10:47 PM

Friday, August 21, 2009

i just wanna type something.
too many things to express,
i just don't know where to start.

i'm just amazed how God works.
like seriously,
how He teaches His children,
and how He guides them by the hand,
when they allow Him to (:

all I know is that,
I want to honor Him,
and whatever I do,
and possess,
or what I think,
is to ultimately bring glory to His name. (:

it's difficult,
it really is.
it can really drive you to your knees,
but i'll try (:

i know this week is a really really odd week.
i feel strange.
i have no idea why.
well, it has no postive or negative attached to it.
plain strange.

i'm halfway through.
i'm not giving up! (:
over time,
over time..

please take from me my life
when I don't have the strength
to give it away to You.

it sounds emo aye?
that is called reflection.
it has to be serious!
well, anyway,
i'm just in that mood (:

written at 10:57 AM

Friday, August 07, 2009

the unexplainables.
some things just can't be mentioned.
its just an understood feeling.

that very fact i was aware,
and even in relation to Him.
was already amazing.
no matter how much I loved it,
enjoyed it, embraced it;

thank Him for His grace and mercy upon me.
His forgiveness.
its awesome.
and how just turning to Him,
just bringing to Him all things:
be it the unexplainables,
the things that you can really question-
can really make your world turn from upside down,
to the correct orientation once again.
and everything fall back into position,
like the glitter flakes in a liquid decoration.

Give me the strength,
for I am weak,
weaker than you can ever, ever imagine.
Where my heart and life can appear to be strong.
Help me to be humble,
to bring whatever I have to Your throne.

I surrender this.
This is my prayer to You.
No whatevers.
Just possibilities.

HAHA, I can't believe i just typed that.
I just had to.
I can't help it (:

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i love rainy days.
although it makes you lazy. (:
but the breeze against ur hair and face,
is awesome.

i'm really tired.
i have no idea why, but i just am.
maybe too much information squeezed in today.
absolutely crazy.
until the students went like NOOOOOO!!! during lecture.

i turn back and realise,
wow, it's like 28th July already!
love it when time flies.
well, except for certain times,
where you wished time would freeze. (:
more new things to experience and discover i would say.

i ask myself,
am i happy?
good question (:

its amazing how some thoughts,
can just creep into your mind.

honor God.
it's not easy to not think of ways,
to actually make someone happy.
you can't please everyone.
really, you can't.

sharing yday morning was quite cool.
had a lil bit of worship tgt.
then Paola brought up a good question,
not uncommon, but it gets you thinking.
"What kind of tree do we want our seed of life to grow into?"

just scattered random thoughts buzzing in my head.
HAHA. abstract yea?
but i think its cool (:

God is good.
Indeed, He really is.
and that's why He deserves our praise, and our heart.
and I admit sometimes,
it's really difficult to give.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

HAHA. cheryl is just waiting to go and bathe.
in a while! (:

yay, glad the tests are over.
really thank God for His grace,
and mercy to me =D

and ah,
thank God for a wonderful day on weds (:

today the girls amused me,
LOL, they said today is a special day,
cos it's the first day i didn't need to run off.
HAHA, they wanted to buy 4D.
and it makes me wonder,
why am i so busy?
am i really that busy?
LOL, what am i busy with?
why EVERYONE in the world says i'm busy?
like my wonderful class,
and everyone else.
so if everyone says i'm busy,
then busy what?
HAHAHA, talking nonsense (:
food for thought for myself.

thanks to Mabel for the free tics to HARRY POTTER.
erm, i thought it was actually rather boring.
but alrights lah. LOL.
the parts meant for laughing,
i didn't exactly laugh.
like errr...
so haha, since we were all wearing quite nice,

i think it's really pretty (:

errrr... the light?? LOL.
we went to clarke quay.
and ate at that italian-jap restaurant (:
rushed home to feed my sick brother.
yupp! that's my day. HAHA.

going to start my wonderful report.
bye bye (:

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

haha, i think me and bro look really cool here (:

life's been amazing. (:
with the little experience on tues.
interesting conversations.
etiquette lessons. HAHA.
people i have not seen in a while!!!
sitting in a car driven by someone my age,
and u-turning all the time (:

makes me wanna learn driving.
so i can be a nice naughty girl =)

physiology test was disgustingly funny.
haha yeah.

ooh i love worship yday.
haha, and i love the last song.
argh! didn't have time to jam it again ):
had XiaoLongBao+steamboat buffet yday at like 11+pm- 1+am.
with the uni cell.
my stomach went ballistic a while
we went totally crazy, and got high on XLB.
imagine, 30 baskets of XLB.
we then had guess the no. of XLB in the bag game.
(the answer is 14)
"sms XLB no. of XLB"
hahaha! they actually followed the thingy, super funny. =)
we have winners!!!

ooh i love my cell. (:
all kinds of ppl.
the intellectuals, the lazy, the lamest, and the just laugh ppl. (:
but it's quite amazing how we can get along.
we are really good at topic diversions.
with many many intellectual debates.
aiyo, Cheryl can be lazy to think. HAHA.

for bonding sessions,
seriously, go have a XLB buffet.
all of us agree it's a team-building activity. (:
Thank God =)

okay, go Cheryl.
study and pass to be a good physiotherapist =)

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

i just have to update,
i just have to say,
i exceptionally love girly days.
crazy stuff.

very very good.
went to marina barrage today.
awesome funn.
we got our rings. (:

yes, and I felt bad about something.
almost, or rather i think i did do it.
hahaha, and i can do it laughing.
and i learnt something new.
not bad, Cheryl's learning.
it's just me (:

spoke rubbish in the car just now.
seeing my almost empty wine bottle,
my brother thought i was drunk.
hello?? i just played my instrument for 2 hours,
and can read notes perfectly FINE.
get my rhythms,
played my stuff nicely...
although we did drink,
and had 2/3 of ice-cream made with alcohol at UDDERS today.
i am definitely not drunk, HELLO.
see, i'm speaking gibberish again.
like absolutely gibberish.

she's gonna keep mum,
bout what's going to happen.
we'll see. (:

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my blog :)
my life. my rules.
my views. my music.

loves God
eating/hanging out/slacking
changed, renewed.

closer to HIM
improve drummin
just trulyworship
go back to cambodia
live to put a smile on faces
make a dress
travel the worldd! (: